02/19 Movies


The Lego Movie 2: The Second part ā€” Feels derivative until it doesn’t, but unfortunately that change doesn’t happen until more than halfway through. I ended up liking it, but it was not as strong as I was hoping for.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor ā€” I generally agreed with what others had said about this movie, but strongly felt it was missing some deeper insight into the man and his immediate world. None of the interviewees were willing to go deeper than the bland ‘he was as he appeared’. I believe them when they say that, but can’t help feeling like there is another story about him, his kids and his crew that didn’t find its way into this movie.

I deeply agree with Rogers that the vast majority of content for kids is degrading, violent and stupid. It was humbling to see how immediately and powerfully he acted upon that observation to actually try and change things, however impermanently.

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