CDB | Why Michigan is the center of the ‘pickleverse’

In Michigan, the pickle industry started growing before World War I. In 1907, the Detroit Free Press reported that Detroit pickle processors were paying hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to pickle farmers, who were growing 5,000 acres of pickles at the time. (Today that number is closer to 35,000.)

Crain’s Detroit Business


A trait I have casually observed: So called millennials are the first generation to self identify as such. Meaning it does not seem unusual for a young person today to say ‘as a millennial, I like to travel’. In point of fact, young people from many previous generations also liked to travel, and when doing so did see a need to attribute that characteristic to their generational cohort.

Some young people seem proud of being millennials. While this is may have been true of previous generations, I recall more skepticism around the idea amongst my own late Gen X peers. We did not immediately cede the authority to categorize to the institutions wishing to do so. A very Gen X response.

Perhaps the young would benefit from a more crtitical eye towards the compartmentalizations the elder world wishes to push upon them. But perhaps not seeing the reason to so so is what makes them millennials.