02/19 Movies


The Lego Movie 2: The Second part — Feels derivative until it doesn’t, but unfortunately that change doesn’t happen until more than halfway through. I ended up liking it, but it was not as strong as I was hoping for.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor — I generally agreed with what others had said about this movie, but strongly felt it was missing some deeper insight into the man and his immediate world. None of the interviewees were willing to go deeper than the bland ‘he was as he appeared’. I believe them when they say that, but can’t help feeling like there is another story about him, his kids and his crew that didn’t find its way into this movie.

I deeply agree with Rogers that the vast majority of content for kids is degrading, violent and stupid. It was humbling to see how immediately and powerfully he acted upon that observation to actually try and change things, however impermanently.

01/19 Movies

This ongoing entry tracks the movies I’ve watched this year. I have slowed down on movies, and would kind of like to pick up the pace again.

The Favourite — Not quite sure what the point of this movie was. Increasingly, I’m not interested in overly pessimistic movies, and The Favourite’s view of relationship power dynamics doesn’t leave much room for anything other than striving and subservience. Furthermore, the transformation of Emma Stone into kniving villainy is rushed and didn’t quite feel earned.

Isle of Dogs — I didn’t like the looks of this from the trailer, but it turned out to be among my favorites of his recent movies.

Glass — Let’s all pretend this never happened. Would it be cheating if I deleted it from this list? I went to see it because I was taking Katie’s car in for service and this was showing nice and early. Not sure why I thought that they would finish up quickly. Car took forever, and I could have seen something else. What is wrong with me?

Solo: A Star Wars Story —Idiotic retcon. I don’t care about Star Wars, so it is perhaps unsurprising that I don’t care about how Han Solo got his name. Or his gun. Or literally anything else in his backstory.